How to send email from your computer to a cellphone (or send text/photos from your cell to a computer)

How to send email from your computer to a cell phone.

How to send a text message or photo from your cell phone to someone’s email address.


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Getting content from your computer to a cell phone, or from your phone to someone’s email is not only EZ, –it can be a lifesaver.

Examples of Why It is Good To Know How:

The other day a friend EMAILED me ELABORATE DIRECTIONS to her home. Problem was, I needed those directions on my cellphone to take with me in the car. So I forwarded those emailed direction from my laptop to my cellphone. Then yesterday one of my programmers needed to have me look at a screenshot right away, but I was away from my laptop, so I told him to “email the graphic to my cellphone as a multimedia text message.” It also help to know how to get photos from your camera phone to your computer where you can photoshop them.

Here’s how you can send a TXT Message or Photo from your cellphone to an email address:

1) In your cellphone’s text message program, type the recipient’s email address into the “to:” field, type a message, then press send. That’s it! (If including a photo, remember to attach/insert it).  Today’s cellular networks will automatically route your “txt message” to the email address.

TIP:  Since I often send cellphone photos from my cellphone to my laptop for editing, I have created a contact in my cellphone’s directory named “Email Neil” -and put as the email address, –leaving the phone number field blank in the contact directory screen. The cellphone software, sees that the phone number field is empty and uses the email address. Nice. Now all I have to do is type “neil…” in the TO: field, and it autofills the rest of my email address because that address is in my contact directory.

Here’s how to send Email or a text msg from your computer to a cellphone:

First… you just need to know the following:

1) the person’s cell number of course!

2) the specific email address of their cell service provider (such as “”)


In your email program you then create a ‘new’ email.

Then in that email’s “To:” field, type the person’s cell phone number, –followed by their cellphone provider’s specific email address.

So for example, if you wanted to send me an email from your computer to my cellphone, you’d send an email to 6145278776 (because I use ATT)


Below is a list of the email “gateway” addresses for different carriers.

I’ve listed the top three most popular first. Note: if you’re sending a Simple Text Message (“txt” or “SMS”), the address is slightly different on some cell carriers than if you’re sending a “Multimedia Message” (MMS) which would include a photo, for example.

Note: do not include the ‘bracket’ [ ] in the email address.


Text (SMS): [the 10-digit phone number]

Multimedia Text Msg (MMS): [the 10-digit phone number]


(I’m not really sure you need to include the txt. or mms. anymore with ATT. I usually don’t and their servers seem to know exactly how to handle my email coming into the phone. Might be true for the other services too. Try it out.)


Text: [10-digit phone number]

MMS: [10-digit phone number]




Text: [10-digit phone number]



Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel)

Text: [10-digit phone number]

MMS: [10-digit phone number]



Boost Mobile

[10-digit phone number]



Nextel (now Sprint Nextel)

[10-digit telephone number]



T-Mobile [10-digit phone number]



Virgin Mobile USA

[10-digit phone number]



These address protocols were current in 2009. Check with your carrier to see what’s new.

Eventually, I think we’ll be able to email just to a phone number, and the network will figure out which @address to send it to. That’s the way phone numbers work now, so why not email?

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  1. MollyinTEXAS says:

    This is rad, I’ve bookmarked this page! I always wondered: “Is there a way to text to people’s phones (besides iphones and blackberries and stuff, just REGULAR phones) and here you have an entire list of them! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!

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