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Having worked in Christian Ed for three decades, often taken the road less traveled, I have a few ideas and resources to share. Most of that sharing has happened at and –two CE websites I created. But not every idea or resource belonged on those sites, so I created this one:

Many people visiting this blog know me from my work with teaching with computers in Christian education.  I’ve been teaching with software in Sunday School since 1990, and started Sunday Software  full-time in 1996.

Other’s visiting this blog know me from my work with the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School, …a different way to organize your program and teach kids -which I had a hand in creating. It is estimated that over 9000 churches in N. America use the model. I was the founder of -the model’s official website, and have been posting articles and thoughts there for a number of years.

Both my software and rotation work began because -as both a pastor and parent, I was dissatisfied with the way we did things in the church and believed things could change. I’ve had my share of successes and failures trying to change things, and in the process, learned from many others in the church trying to do the same thing. This blog shares some of those conclusions.

I have been blessed with a different way of looking at things and some creative talents. But I’ve also been cursed with an inability to hide my incredulity with the “same old, same old,”  (and the old guard, righteous, and wound-too-tight, but I digress). 

Three people (maybe more) know me from my articles and seminars about building a better church website. One of my ministries is to freely help fellow church techies and fellow pastors who are trying to harness technology to improve their ministry. As a minister, educator, church volunteer, software developer, former church staff member, “web guy”, and as an occasional “visitor” looking for a congregation to land in, I bring some unique perspective to that work. This blog continues that discussion.

Over the years I’ve written dozens of tech and CE articles for various church-related magazines. This blog contains a few of them.


We all have a lot to learn. This blog is me sorting through my experiences and knowledge to offer some things that might help a few people.

Gilding the Lily…

My family and I lived in suburban Columbus Ohio until 2008. Before that we were in Chicago, and before that Western New York.

2008-2012 we lived on the island of St Croix in the US Virgin Islands where I continued my Sunday Software work and worked as the Parish Assistant in a small Reformed Church here. This explains the ocean/water/beach imagery on this blog.  The blog theme photos come from my kayaking trips around the island.

In 2012 we moved to Southwest Florida to get medical treatment for one of our kids who has a disability.  In 2014-15, I served as interim pastor for children, youth and family in a Bradenton Fl congregation.  In addition to working on Sunday Software,  I am also the webmaster and lesson editor at

My family hanging out at Sandy Point on St Croix.

For more about WHY we moved from Ohio to St. Croix, and what our years there were like, go to  Nope, we’re not rich. We gave up a lot of “things” to have what we termed our “Great Adventure.” Was part of a wonderful church there too.

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