Welcome to My Sunday Resources

I’m Neil MacQueen, a Presbyterian minister who develops Christian education resources. I wrote this blog from 2008 to 2019 to share my experience and ideas outside of my main gig working for Sunday Software and Rotation.org. Though I’m not longer actively blogging HERE, I do continue to post resources at www.rotation.org. 

I’ve been working in and with churches for 35+ yrs, done some writing & speaking, and been engaged in some inventive ministry efforts along the way.  Most people know me from my work with Sunday Software and the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School.  Both of these ministries grew out of my dissatisfaction with the “same old approaches = same old results.” I tend to look at things differently — which I think is a blessing, but some think is a curse.  (See more “about me” below…) 

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

The “About Me” section
  • I am an ordained Presbyterian minister specializing in Christian education and online resources.
  • Through my Sunday Software ministry I produce 18 different interactive software programs for kids.
  • I’ve served six different churches, two as an Associate Pastor, two as a Parish Associate, one as an Interim pastor, and one as an intern.
  • I am the founder and now webmaster and lead writer at www.rotation.org, a non-profit Sunday School ministry.
  • Ohio State Class of ’81, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary Class of ’85.
  • My wife and I are now living back in Central Ohio to be near the grandkids after having lived in Florida since 2012, and on the island St Croix USVI from 2008-2012 (which explains the ocean theme of this blog).
<>< Neil

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