Peculiar Treasures: A Biblical Who’s Who

Peculiar Treasures: A Biblical Who’s Who by Frederick Buechner

This is an amazing and wonderful book. Buechner humorously and poignantly goes A to Z through Bible characters -famous and infamous, well-known and unknown, and describes them in such as way as you might imagine they are part of your family, your neighborhood, your church. Or maybe they are you.

This is a wonderful book for all Christian readers. Excellent for teaching and sermon preparation. Quit literally, it transformed my way of looking at the people in the Bible, tattered robes, stained beards, garlic breath, sweaty brows and all. 

Quote: They weren’t a great nation yet by a long shot, but you’d never know it from the way Abraham sits enthroned there in his velvet yarmulke with several great-grandchildren on his lap and soup on his tie. Even through his thick lenses, you can read the look of faith in his eye… and more than all the kosher meals, the great achievements, and Einsteins and Kissingers, it was THAT look that God loved him for -and had chosen him for in the first place.

Quote: (speaking about David)  David said “would that I had died instead of you, O Absalom.” And he meant it. …If he could have paid the price for the boy’s betrayal, he would have paid it… If he could have given his own life to make the boy alive, he would have…. But even a king can’t do things like that. As later history was to prove, it takes God.

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61141: Peculiar Treasures Peculiar Treasures
By Frederick Buechner / HarperOnePeculiar Treasures is the second book of Frederick Buechner’s lexical trilogy. He profiles more than 125 of the Bible’s most holy and profane people-and one whale. In his lively and witty prose, Buechner brings to life such moments from scripture as: Adam’s pangs of regret for a remembered Eden, Delilah’s last glimpse of Samson as they dragged him away, and Lazarus’s first impressions upon rising from the dead. To read Peculiar Treasures is to realize that many of these legendary figures are not who we thought they were. But they are-in their human dreams, ambitions, and imperfections-very much like us.
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