Move Meetings into Homes

Meetings are often dreaded by staff and members alike. But I’ll bet we’d all agree that some of the BEST church meetings are those held in member homes rather than at the church:

= The more personal setting encourages bonding and fellowship between members. The church is not a business. People volunteer in part because they want spiritual fellowship. (Note: this doesn’t mean meeting should be unproductive or poorly run).

= They open up the life of the host to members and staff. You get to see what’s important to them, they’re prized possessions, their family pictures. A member’s home helps you get to know your members.

= They encourage attendance because members are less inclined to bail on going to someone else’s house for fear of people not coming to THEIR house when it’s their turn to host the meeting.

= Comfortable settings, such as living rooms, encourage conversation and connection, and make “business” more tolerable, whereas folding chairs in a bland church room only encourage people to want to go home.

= You’ll like get cookies and beverages served, which facilitate business and fellowship.

= A pastor visiting a member’s home for a meeting will likely meet up with the spouse and children. It will be seen as a “VISITATION”  with all the commensurate benefits. In fact, the pastor should arrive early and stay a little bit late to connect with the family.

While you’re at it, ENCOURAGE CAR POOLING to meetings. With gas at $4 a gallon and rising, many members who come from longer distances will appreciate the money savings. Car pooling will also reduce absenteeism, improve attendance, and give members a chance to connect with one another on the way to the meeting.

This doesn’t mean your meetings should continue to be unproductive “report fests.”

Read my post about “conducting productive meetings” in my Advice to Church Staff.

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