Tip #6: Throw out your Fax Machine

Tired of getting all those Travel and Health ADs sent to your fax machine?  (that costs you money)
Tired of having other people see your faxes?
Tired of faxes piling up and getting stacked with other people’s faxes?
Tired of paper jams, empty fax ribbons, and having to have a dedicated line?
Tired of wondering if you got the fax because the printer malfunctioned or the line went dead?

Me too!

I tossed my old “Brother” Fax Machine and got an online fax service.
Now my faxes arrive in my EMAIL INBOX as a PDF or TIF attachment.

I even get my voicemail that way. They come attached as a wave file to an email. It plays using Windows Media Player.

Costs me $10 a month for this service. Got mine through AT&T “Unified Communications.”  If my phone line hears a fax tone, or your call goes into my voicemail box it grabs the data at the phone company level and routes it to my email inbox as a graphic or sound file.  Check your phone company’s service offering. Nothing special to do on your end… it’s a switch they throw in their office.

You can also sign up for a “virtual fax number” through one of many ONLINE FAX services.

One of the top rated is www.myfax.com    $10 a month. You choose a virtual fax number to publish to your peeps. Your faxes arrive as email.  You SEND Faxes to a special address they give you which converts your email to whatever phone number or email address you want it sent to.  Pretty slick and easy.

How is this possible? A fax is nothing more than digital data anyway. The fax machine merely prints it out for you, just like your computer can print it out for you, or store it for you in your inbox.  

Another online service is Comodo’s www.Trustfax.com  All these services offer a VARIETY of packages, and demos you can try out online.

Basically…there’s no reason for a FAX MACHINE anymore for MOST churches. Even in the RARE CASE when I need to fax a document that I only have a paper copy of, the workaround is easy. I take a digital picture of it and email or “fax” that digital photo.  And ok…I didn’t technically “throw out” my fax machine. It’s sitting in a closet. About twice a year I plug it into a phoneline to send something.

Going PAPERLESS is good stewardship too. 

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