Send a free FAX from any computer over the internet

Here’s how to send a FAX FOR FREE without a fax machine -and without a phoneline to fax from.
All you need is your computer and an internet connection.

Go to and follow the prompts.

(You can also use internet based fax services to send and receive faxes over the internet, –allowing you to dump your fax machine, stop wasting paper, fax from any computer anytime, and never run out of fax toner/ribbon again. Just Google “internet fax services.” They’re reasonably priced.)

Why am I suggesting this service? Because sometimes I need to use it myself!

Sometimes you’re away from your fax machine.
Or… you don’t own a fax machine.
Or… your fax machine is broken.
Or… you forgot the little phonecord that plugs your computer’s modem into a phoneline
that would allow you to send a fax (in this day of wireless and broadband who carries a phonecord anymore?)

[Yes, your computer has fax software in it -look in your Windows/Programs/Accessories area. But unless you have an old fashioned phonecord connecting your computer to the phoneline, you cannot send to a fax to a phone number over the phoneline using that software!]

Fortunately, there are numerous internet sites that allow you to send faxes through their website interface. They even allow you to ATTACH DOCUMENTS. offers what I need. They take your contact info and document and fax it for you. It’s all done through their magic servers. asks you for your contact info, and for the info/fax number of the recipient. You can attach up to 3 files to the fax as well. And you can send up to TWO free faxes a day.  When they receive your fax, they email you asking you for confirmation. Click ‘confirm’ in that email and they send the fax. They even send you a confirmation that the fax process has been completed.

How can they offer this for free? They place an ad on the fax you send (big deal), and probably collect the fax number you’re sending to and sell it to fax spammers (another no-big-deal since every fax number is already part of the public record and gets junkfaxes sent to it already, bahhumbug).  So I only use it to send faxes to businesses, not friends!  (For example, I needed to fax a document to Verizon Wireless. )

“OK SMARTYPANTS… but what if I need to fax a copy of a document…. say, a copy of my insurance card?”

Easy…. I take PHOTOS of the documents with my camera or phone. Then I either email the picture to myself on my laptop, or connect my camera or phone cable to my laptop, then select “attach” on the fax menu at and browse over to my camera/phone files and select the picture of the document. This may seem strange to you, but did you know that ALL faxes are graphic images? They aren’t text at all. They are TIFF files (an old image format). The faxzero service is converting your cover letter and any images you attach to TIFF file formats anyway, –just like your machine would do, if you were using it.

BTW…photographing your license, insurance card, creditcards and other valuable documents is a VERY GOOD IDEA.

<>< Neil

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  1. I can’t express how much internet fax has helped my business. The price is great, it is reliable, saves a lot of time and leaves me extremely organized. I am also very conscious about the environment so I like how you save paper.

  2. James says: is another website that lets user send free fax online to the US and Canada. User can either upload a PDF/Word file or enter text to fax. Plus, it does not add Ads to user’s fax, which makes it very suitable for faxing formal documents.

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