What’s in the Bible? ..a great new series of DVDS

…from the creator of VeggieTales comes a brand new series of really fun teaching videos that take your kids through the Bible.

The What’s in the Bible? DVDs are fast-paced and humorous “shows” about books of the Bible featuring “muppet quality” puppeteering, songs, and lots of great animations and illustrations. They are infused with the kind of wacky humor kids love, and parents have come to expect from the creator of VeggieTales.

In What’s in the Bible #1, In the Beginning, kids are introduced to the Bible and Genesis by your host, Buck Denver, and his cast of friends puppet. Kids will learn about the key people in Genesis and the important lessons their stories teach us.

In What’s in the Bible #2, Let My People Go, kids are introduced to the book of Exodus: the oppression of the Israelites and the birth and rise of God’s chosen leader, Moses. The DVD also answers the question, who wrote the Bible? in a way kids can grasp.

In What’s In the Bible #3, Wanderin’ in the Desert, Buck Denver and his cast of friends take us through the next three books of the Bible—Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—helping kids understand how these books fit in with Genesis and Exodus to make up the Pentateuch and to set the stage for the trials and victories of God’s people.

$17.99 each. More DVDs to be released!

Ages 5 to 12.

Learn more at www.sundaysoftware.com/whatsinthebible

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This is great stuff!  I’ve been watching the series in development for a year anticipating their release.

They’re going to be a BIG hit.

<>< Neil

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