Still think Facebook is low-brow?

Pastor: “Why on earth should our church be on Facebook?”

Neil:  “Because that’s where an increasing number of your members are –everyday.”

Pastor: “Our kids maybe, but our adults? It just seems so vapid, a colossal waste of time.”

Neil:  “Sigh….”

(2015 Update:  Our pastor still doesn’t get it. Wants to “be part of people’s lives” but won’t use the growing tools to do so.)

Now I happen to know that my pastor listens to NPR, so I quoted National Public Radio’s survey of their on “fans” who follow NPR on Facebook. (Yes, NPR has a Facebook page).  In 2008, 1 million people followed NPR’s Facebook page. 40,000 NPR fans responded to the survey.  (Probably a whole lot more now!)

Here’s what NPR’s “low-brow” crowd looks like:

NPR’s fans are Facebook regulars. Almost all respondents –96%– access Facebook at least once per day, and 80% access it more than once a day. According to Facebook, 50% of its users in general are using the service on any given day.

79% of the respondents were between the ages of 25 to 54.  69% were women.

 They’re regular consumers of NPR content, especially via broadcast. About three of every four respondents (76%) listen to NPR on the radio. The majority of respondents – 55% – listen to between one and three hours of NPR on air each day.

You can read NPR’s  full report at

To read my article about Why Pastors/Churches should take Facebook seriously, go to…be-on-facebook


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2 Responses to Still think Facebook is low-brow?

  1. ld says:

    thanks for the hearty LOL at the end of your dialogue above. i hear myself expelling the same sigh at the end of (sadly) too many church/youth/kid/family/education related exchanges. steady on….

  2. Neil says:

    Thx LD. You know the verse about prophet’s in their own hometown…. So maybe quoting some “expert’s” article on the web (or NPR) might help with the High Brows.

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