A Bible Plug-in for our Brains

 Neil’s “Bible Snapshot”… Sunday School as a “Bible plug-in”


Recently I posted about the importance of explaining “What Sunday School is”, as many don’t seem to believe in it anymore. Sunday School has a P.R. problem. See my “tree” post here.  The following is an eventual children’s sermon, or sermon illustration I thought I’d share.


My idea of The "Progressive" Bible Plug-in I wish my brain had.

I recently switched to that carVVV company that gives you a free “Snapshot” device that plugs into your car’s computer. For 30 days it RECORDS how often you BRAKE TOO FAST. Apparently, they have determined that “braking too fast” and “time of day you drive” is a good indication of whether you’re going to get in an accident. It transmits the data via cell towers. (fyi, if wordpress turns these words into an ad, I apologize!)


Big Brother? At first, I felt like I was being watched. I cringed when I braked too fast and heard its audible beep giving me a warning (and transmitting the event). After a few days I looked up my driving record online, and now we’re having conversations like this: “Which ever one of you girls who drove the car yesterday at 5 pm had two braking events!


At first, I resented “Flo Nazi” (our name for the device). But then I realized it was making me more conscious of how I drive. …And I want the safe-driver discount!   So it dawned on me that THIS COULD BE A GOOD THING. Just getting into my car and seeing the device plugged under my dashboard makes me think about driving better. And the online reports have already made me aware of the difference between how good a driver each family member THINKS they are, versus how they actually drive (this includes me!).


I wish I had a PORT ON THE SIDE OF MY BRAIN where I could plug the Bible in just as easily.
I could use God’s audible reminders whenever I get behind “Neil’s wheel”.


I could use the increased sense of accountability.


I could use the visual reminder of God’s ever-presence.


And then it dawned on me that THIS IS WHAT SUNDAY SCHOOL DOES. It plugs the Bible, the voice of Christ, into our heads and hearts. God has already given us the ports, …our ears, our eyes, our hands, our hearts.  We can leave them empty, or fill them up with Bible study, prayer, worship and service. And here’s the thing: the more you do it, the more aware you are of “how you’re driving”.  It really is as simple as that.


Sunday School has a P.R. problem. Many adults no longer think it is relevant or necessary, in part, because we bored them to death when they were younger. Sunday Software seeks to address the kids’ experience of plugging into the Bible. But we also need to convince parents and leaders to GET THEM THERE. I hope my latest analogy of “Sunday School is a Bible plug in” helps you preach that message.


<>< Neil


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2 Responses to A Bible Plug-in for our Brains

  1. Carol H. says:

    A great way of describing what families need! A “living jumpdrive” (as opposed to yesteryears “living water”)?

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Carol. Some days I wish God would have installed a red light on MY dashboard, or a beep that interrupted my tongue! …would make it easier to follow him. (fyi…Carol has a wonderful blog for her church families at http://www.familyfaithcompanion.org)

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