Teaching with Bible Maps

Long time computer lab and Rotation Model Sunday School fans know how much I LOVE good classroom resources, –including those we can put on our walls.


It’s important to keep our teaching visuals OUT WHERE KIDS CAN SEE THEM, and not hide them in cabinets and closets.  And it’s ALSO important to have good-looking, KID FRIENDLY teaching resources within reach of our TEACHERS as well.

So I was thrilled when I came across this terrific set of Bible Maps for my classroom. Liked them so much I put them in my software catalog at: www.sundaysoftware.com/site/maps

Why teach with Bible Maps?

Think of what is in your family photo album, or a photo that’s hanging near you right now. What came to mind? Now you now understand the power of visual aids to create, store, and retrieve a torrent of memories and feelings.

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Here are some summary reasons why maps are good for the brain:

  1. Visuals trigger memory recall. You see a face, you remember who it is.
  2. Visuals are storage devices. The student sees a location and remembers what happens there.
  3. Images can change our perception, and thus our faith. This picture of Jesus by Frances Hook hung in the library at the church where I grew up. It told me more about Jesus than most sermons I heard.

Even the shapes on the maps we’ve previously taught them about will trigger story recall.

I’ve written an article about HOW TO TEACH WITH BIBLE MAPS over at http://sundaysoftware.com/site/teaching-with-bible-maps/

It has numerous examples and techniques for teaching with maps in your Sunday School. It includes techniques for stories that move around the map, and techniques for teaching “the map” of a single location story that stays in one place.

Heroes of the Bible Posters!
The same week I found the Bible maps, I also found some AWESOME NEW Bible character posters.  They’re artistic, evocative and provocative, so I put those in my software catalog too!  Here’s a close up of the Daniel poster from the collection…

Daniel in the Lions Den Poster, http://sundaysoftware.com/site/heroes-of-the-bible-posters/

“How Are Bible Characters Supposed to Look?”  www.sundaysoftware.com/bibleposters


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  1. Thanks for the good resources! Visuals are so important!

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