How to (easily) place a Facebook “Like” Button on Your Church Website

Your church homepage should help members find and join your Facebook page.

You could just put a simple link to your FB page on your church homepage with a FB graphic like this one, or you can do it the cool way by using FB’s code generator.

Facebook’s code generator form generates the html code necessary to make a Facebook “like” box and button appear on your church’s website.  Members can then click the “like” button and it will take them to your FB page. You just need to know the URL of your church FB page, put it into the FB form, then paste generated code into the source code of your church homepage.

Go to to create the code.

If you’re technically proficient, you can also “FEED” your church’s Facebook page directly to your church website so that non-FB users can see what’s on your FB page.

Why have a Church Facebook Page AND a Church Homepage?  

For the same reason you offer different types of worship services, and have newsletters AND postcards, email AND verbal announcements.

But here’ one better reason:  Facebook allows your members to connect with EACH OTHER. And isn’t that what your church has been preaching? …to get involved in “following” and caring about each other’s lives?  On Facebook, members can “like” and follow each other’s lives in-between Sundays.

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