Waiting to be Spit Up

This post was made the day after a 2 mile wide tornado ripped through the suburbs of Oklahoma City.

Life itself is a “tornado alley” -both by its nature, and by the decisions we make.

There are two kinds of “bad” things: natural and man-made. Either way, I believe God as The Creator is ultimately responsible* for both. He created weather, and free will, and the laws of cause and effect.

God’s “accountability” (answer) for being “The One Who is Responsible for All Things” is found in salvation. Without the promise of heaven and all that that means, nothing would make any ultimate sense, and God would just be another god, –ultimately no better than Ba-al, or Molech.

*I do not believe God makes a tornado take one and save another. This is Ba-al thinking. Rather, I believe God set up the conditions of this world with a great and gracious purpose that right now we can only see as if looking through a dark glass (as Paul said). It’s that purpose which the Bible, and all of us, and Jonah have long struggled to fully understand, and only WILL understand one day when we are face to face with God.

Take your pick of biblical images and passages, but I believe this life is our moment in the belly of the whale. And there’s a lot to be learned down here.

<><  Neil, waiting to be spit up

Jonah’s Psalm (Jonah 2: 1-10)

1 Then Jonah prayed to the LORD his God from the stomach of the fish, 2 and he said, “I called out of my distress to the LORD, And He answered me. I cried for help from the depth of Sheol; Thou didst hear my voice. 3 For Thou hadst cast me into the deep, Into the heart of the seas, And the current engulfed me. All Thy breakers and billows passed over me.

4 So I said, ‘I have been expelled from Thy sight. Nevertheless I will look again toward
Thy holy temple.’ 5 Water encompassed me to the point of death. The great deep engulfed me, Weeds were wrapped around my head. 6 I descended to the roots of the mountains. The earth with its bars was around me forever, But Thou hast brought up my life from the pit, O LORD my God. 7 While I was fainting away, I remembered the LORD; And my prayer came to Thee, Into Thy holy temple. 8 Those who regard vain idols Forsake their faithfulness,

9 But I will sacrifice to Thee With the voice of thanksgiving. That which I have vowed I will pay. Salvation is from the LORD.”

10 Then the LORD commanded the fish, and it spit Jonah up onto the dry land.


Our Elijah and Jonah CD, oddly enough, deals with “why bad things happen to good people.”  Some might think it’s crass to suggest buying it in the middle of this particular topic, but others will say “Word of the Lord!”

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