Thoughts on Atheism and Faith: Truth

Truth is not reason. It is not a proof or a fact.

I can’t prove God anymore than I could disprove God.

truthTruth is simply something you know, for whatever reason, or for no reason at all, and would stake your life on it.

“What is truth?” Pilate asked,
…and Jesus didn’t answer him.

Some atheists call the Bible “fairy tales.” They read “the sun stood still” or “the lame man walked” and call B.S.

windowI wonder…. when they look at the sunset, do they see refracted light and aggregates of moisture (known as clouds)? Or are they moved by the dance of light and colors, and revel in that elusive green flash?

The Bible is a sunset (or sunrise). If you dissect it, you don’t get it.

Some stare at the Bible and see a wall of impenetrable ancient myth. I see the window in that wall.

That doesn’t make me better or smarter or deeper. And some atheists are very deep and sensitive people, more so than many Christians. But I wish they would stop saying there’s nothing there or it’s just fairy tales just because they don’t see it.

The best kind of atheists and Christians are those who seek more than what they can’t take with them to the grave.

-Neil MacQueen




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