Thoughts on Atheism and Faith: Church

If the morality and conduct of believers was the proof of any belief system,  then even atheists would be unbelievable. Belief and hypocrisy are part of the human condition.

Yes, dear atheist friend,  people acting in the name of God have been a source of great evil in the world. And some church folk I know too well today are less than they pray to be. But this observation did not originate among atheists or bloggers. The Prophet Isaiah pointed it out 2800 years ago:

All we like sheep have gone astray;
    we have turned to our own way (Is 53)

ordinary-peopleWhat’s also true is that people acting in the name of God, and helping others to act in whomever’s name, have also been one of the greatest forces for good. And in general, most of the believers I’ve come to know who actually GO the church, are the kind of folks the world sorely needs  Namely, people looking into the still water beyond their own reflection

-Neil MacQueen



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