Free Sunday School Lessons (should also be creative)

Free Sunday School lessons are a great idea, but only if they are:

a. Actually good (and not just a slim retread of something from the 60’s).

b. Offer you creative choices (like different types of media, not just a craft).

c. And are age adaptable (meaning they aren’t just for little kids, which so many ‘free’ ones are).

The web is full of sites offering “free” Sunday School lessons that look like they were ripped from the pages of some 1960’s cheap 1st Grade curriculum. Read the story, ask these simple questions, say this, then connect-the-dots, color this pages, glue this to a stick. Cutsey, boring, done in 15 minutes.  What those sites are really selling is ADVERTISING + quickie lessons for teachers who just don’t care. And it’s the kids and the Gospel that suffer.

I got involved with revitalizing Sunday School because I didn’t want to raise my kids in the “popsicle stick and worksheet wasteland” I had grown up in (and somehow managed to survive -unlike most of my peers who bolted from the church long ago).

I helped ‘invent’ the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School, and launch a website to give away free Sunday School lessons in the Rotation style. Learn more about the Rotation Model here.

If you like those cheapie Bible-craft “disposable lessons” being posted to the web so that you find them and their ads in your Saturday Night web search for something to teach, then do us all a favor -and yourself as well, and go volunteer to serve coffee.

But if you like creative free Sunday School lessons with great activity choices and teaching techniques, then go to = The biggest, most curated, and most creative source of free Sunday School lessons, ideas, and resources on the web today. And if they don’t have it posted, post a question in their Teachers forum. They are also a supporting community.

Go to’s Homepage:




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