Preparing for Advent 2020 under COVID restrictions has added a brand new forum all about Preparing for Advent 2020 worship, Christmas programs, teaching, at-home traditions, Live Nativity, and Blue Christmas, favorite Christmas videos, Zoom singing and worship, and an “Advent Haggadah” — all with an eye toward adapting to the restrictions and realities of the COVID pandemic which churches and our members will be facing this Christmas season.

Advent Worship and Christmas “Programs” during the 2020 COVID pandemic — ideas and resources

“Blue” Christmas resources ~ Helping people deal with loss and despair, stress and anxiety this Advent 2020

Advent Bible Story “Trails,” Walk-Throughs, “Live Nativity”

Celebrating and Teaching about Advent & Christmas at Home during the 2020 COVID Pandemic — ideas, traditions, resources

Best Advent Videos for in-church and at-home “Sunday School” viewing during the 2020 COVID pandemic

“Home for the Haggadah” this Advent ~ an at-home special meal and celebration

The Promise of Advent (2020) — four video podcasts from Amplify Media for Pastors, Worship leaders, and Christian educators

Jesus Is Born – Easy At-Home Advent and Christmas Lessons for Families (open to everyone)

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